It’s Baby Safety Month: Let Child Resistant Closures Keep Kids Safe

Posted by Amanda Thomas on Thu, Sep 29, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

Throughout September, learn about how to keep children out of harm’s way in the home.


Sponsored by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), all month long they have set out to create awareness around the safety concerns in homes occupied by young children. Home safety is at the top of their priority, making sure all harmful things are out of reach of children, or hard for children to gain access to the items.

To help keep children out of household cleaning supplies that could harm them if swallowed, make it a habit to store the items up high. Try to store cleaning products in their original packaging until they are ready to be used by someone. Also, make sure there is a proper child resistant closure on items that could be ingested by children. Proper safety precautions will help keep your little ones safe and out of harm’s way.

To read American Cleaning Institute (ACI)’s PSA announcement about this important month, click here.

For parents that would like to help instruct their children on which cleaners not to touch, click here for the activity sheet.

CLICK HERE to learn more about  MRP's CRC options .



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Special Promo Offer From Mold-Rite: 2016 SupplySide West Expo

Posted by Amanda Thomas on Thu, Sep 01, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

Be in Las Vegas on October 4th through the 8th  to see the newest developments in the pharmaceutical, personal care and food packaging markets.


SupplySide West has been the world’s largest expo for 20 years and continues to grow larger each year. This year the 2016 SupplySide West Global Expo and Conference is taking place in Las Vegas. With over 1,000 exhibitors offering 10,000 ingredients and services, you can find what you are looking for your next plastic packaging project.

The Expo Hall is open through October 6th and October 7th and focuses on the following markets: pharmaceutical, retail, sports nutrition, personal care, cosmetics, animal care, beverage, food and dietary supplements. 

With so many interesting topics and workshops to choose from, SSW 2016 has everything you need to be on top of your industry. To view the entire show agenda, click here.

Interested in knowing if there are any exhibitors at SSW that you want to see? Click HERE to see the full list.

We are pleased to extend a special discount to join us at this show.  The following items are included in this offer: 2 day expo hall, SupplySide central programming, FDA featured speaker presentation and vendor brief presentations. Find solutions to drive your business forward and visit for more information. 

Use the promo code below to receive discounted admission to the Expo Hall for only $75*:


 Come visit the Mold-Rite Plastics' Team at

Booth Number UU122.

To register, click here or call 800-974-9786 to take advantage of this discounted offer today!

We hope to see you at our booth!

*Non-transferrable offer valid for manufacturers of finished products only and cannot be applied to a previously paid registration. Expires 9/30/2016.
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New Products are Pleasing a Growing Market with Our Closures

Posted by Amanda Thomas on Wed, Aug 03, 2016 @ 04:00 PM

Our dedication to package design and utility that will bring customers in with instant shelf appeal and keep bringing them back for the usefulness is something we are proud to hand our hat on. And, so is major CPG, McCormick.

With more than 40 new products hitting shelves, it really doesn't surprise us to see our closures in use. In particular, we noticed our UltraLight Closure in use. Read more about the new product from and be sure to contact us when you're ready to start talking innovative packaging design that will wow customers and stakeholders alike,


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Bottled Cannabis Beverage with CRC Caps

Posted by Amanda Thomas on Thu, Jul 28, 2016 @ 12:17 PM

"House of Jane, a not-for-profit corporation and producer of cannabis-infused beverages, announced what it reported as the first fully compliant packaging for bottled beverages in the medical cannabis market."

CRC_Closure_Assortment_colors.jpgFor us, it's always really neat to see our customers succeed. This is one example where our child resistant closures are helping an emerging market make a safe and compliant product.

To read more about it, check out the Packaging World article:


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Meet Karlis, the Vented Liner Expert

Posted by Amanda Thomas on Mon, May 23, 2016 @ 03:00 PM

MRP has recently partnered with M-Industries, manufacturer of a new vented liner technology. 

2B-KarlisPic.jpgMold-Rite Plastics is a single-source supplier of a broad range of plastic closures and jars. What set us apart from others is our outstanding innovation as well as unmatched reliability and responsiveness. We've recently partnered with M-Industries to offer a wider range of options for your packaging needs. 

We met with M-Industries’ President, Karlis Mateus, to gain some insight on how vented liners can help our customers.

Q: Can you share some background about M-Industries?

Karlis: M-Industries is the emerging leader in the container venting market segment. Our goal is to improve the quality and performance of packaging containers.

We responded to the packaging industry’s needs for better products with higher venting performance at a lower cost; M-Industries is setting the standard with products that allow for better airflow and leak resistance.

Our standard vents set new airflow standards by allowing up to 20 times more airflow than other vented products. If your products require more or less airflow, we have the ability to modify our airflow to meet your needs.

We have taken bold new steps to achieve our goal of being the best by providing superior performance, quality and the lowest cost products possible to our customers.

Q: What are the different types of vented liners you produce?

Karlis: We manufacture two different types of vented liners:

  • The first type of liner we produce is called the M-Vent. This liner is a high-performance vent that is designed to quickly balance internal and external pressures on bottles. The M-Vent has a 136% greater venting area and 58% faster air flow than competitors.

The M-Vent is ideal for concentrated solutions and improving shelf life of your products. This vented liner is proven to perform better than any other venting product in the market.

  • The second type of liner we product is called the B-Vent. This smaller vent greatly reduces cost compared to similar options on the market.  Not only does it reduce your costs, the B-Vent also allows 24% more airflow than our closest competitor.

Q: Where have you seen the most need for vented liner?

Karlis: Vented liners allow bottles to breathe, relieving outward or inward pressures while preventing product leakage.

There are many products that can benefit from vented liner technology, including:

  • Pharmaceuticals and Neutraceuticals
  • Bleach- including pool bleach as well as simple household bleach
  • Most household cleaning products
  • Products with citrus scents
  • Some agro-chemicals
  • Diesel additives and 2-stroke motor oils
  • Many “oxy-chem” formulas

Q: What benefits does venting add to packaging?

Karlis: Venting provides many benefits to packaging. It eliminates high returns and allowances associated with packaging failures. It helps new products pass product development tollgates. Venting also could cut down product line investments to fix packaging distortions.

Q: Do vented liners deliver cost savings as well?

Karlis: Absolutely. Traditionally, in order to prevent bottles from bloating or paneling, the options were very costly:

  • Treating bottles with fluorination to migrate paneling and distortions
  • Modifications to plastic container design/tooling to add strength and wall thickness
  • Additional plastic resin used to enhance package strength/rigidity

 Our vented liners offer a much more cost-effective option in comparison.

 Interested in find more information about vented liners? View the Technology Minute video below:


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Infographic: 2016 Food Packaging Trends

Posted by Amanda Thomas on Fri, Apr 29, 2016 @ 04:45 PM

PMMI released of the forecasted growth of the U.S. Food Packaging Market through 2022.

Recently PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, publicized their press release forecasting the continued growth of the U.S. food packaging sector. This report was created after 70 interviews across the U.S. were conducted to gain insight into this increasing market. Based on these interviews with food packaging and processing professionals, two distinct growth trends became clear: the meat/related products and snack foods will outperform the others by around 3 percent. According to this report, "Demands for more single-serve and convenience features are key drives of this expansion."  

This report also discusses the top five packaging trends of 2016 in the Food Packaging Market:



To read more and to view PMMI’s press release, click HERE.


Click the image to view PMMI's infographic and learn more about the food market.

To find out how MPR can help to make your food packaging easier and more convenient
for your consumers, request samples below. 
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Resources and Photo Credits: PMMI Press Release- 


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Meet Jason, our MRP Plastic Closure Expert

Posted by Amanda Thomas on Fri, Mar 04, 2016 @ 04:30 PM

Mold-Rite Plastics has long been known as a trusted supplier of Continuous Thread (CT) Closures including smooth side, ribbed side, matte top, smooth top, and stacking ring options.

stull.jason_lo.jpgWe met with Jason Stull, VP, Business Unit Manager – Food, Personal Care, Household Chemical, to gain some insight into the newest addition to our Somerset plant (formerly Stull Technologies), our 89mm RX and SX Continuous Thread Closures.

Q: What can you tell us about the newest Continuous Thread Closures coming to Somerset, NJ?

Jason: This new launch will be added capacity for an existing item to reduce lead times and provide customers with the fast, flexible and responsive service expected of Mold Rite Plastics. Manufacturing in Somerset will be a geographical advantage for customers, reducing their overall cost.

Q: How will moving these closures to Somerset impact our customers?

Jason: The added capacity will reduce lead times and support our commitment to delighting our customers, as well as provide freight advantages for many customers.

Q: What exactly are the 89mm SX and 89mm RX closures? How are they different?

Jason: Our 89mm SX and RXs are Continuous Thread Closures, meaning they are screw on and off caps. Our CTs are threaded to fit precisely on and seal your container. The SX CT features a smooth top and a smooth side and the 89mm RX CT has a matte top, an outside stacking ring and ribbed side. 

Q: Can you customize these CTs?

Jason: Yes, our CustomLITE program is available for these closures including, but not limited to, embossing and de-bossing options. Click HERE to read about all of the customization options available at MRP.

Q: What would be the ideal markets for these closures?

Jason: These closures are ideal for a diverse range of markets, including the following: food, snacks, grains and rice, nutraceutical products and powders, personal care jars and containers, and pet care.

Q: Lastly, where can our customers go to get more information about these Continuous Thread closures?

Jason: For more information, you can contact your Mold Rite Plastics Sales Director or Inside Sales Representative. You can also visit us via and email at


89_CT_Caps_small.jpgWe are pleased to announce that the Mold-Rite's 89mm SX and RX will now be available in Somerset, NJ. Finish your package with one of our jars! We offer a wide range of jars to fit our 89mm closures, including regular wall, thick wall, double wall jars with straight sides, square bases and round bases.

Count on the packaging experts at Mold-Rite Plastics to help you deliver the best possible package for your product.

Click below to request information and samples of our New 89mm SX and RX Continuous Thread Closures.

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Go the Extra Degree Today in Your Packaging

Posted by Amanda Thomas on Fri, Feb 12, 2016 @ 04:00 PM

Today is 2/12. Use today to power a train and  start going the extra mile.


Sam Parker, the author of the 212 the extra degree book, came up with this idea to help inspire and motivate everyone in an organization to make the extra effort in their daily lives. This idea has been used in workshops and trainings around the world and has known to create great outcomes.

Parker's main point and goal of his teachings is this: It’s the only one extra degree that makes all of the difference.

According to, you should strive to be 212 every day, not just on February 12th.

How can you go the extra degree? Here are some examples they list:

  • 2 extra acts of kindness weekly
    • Plant 104 more seeds of generosity each year-- think of how far all of that kindness can take you!
  • 15 extra minutes a day
    • Create over 90 hours each year for what’s most important to you -- focus on what you love.
  • 1 extra contact daily
    • Sparks 180 more connections every 6 months -- think about all of those new LinkedIn contacts you will make!
  • 1 extra risk each week
    • Leads to 52 more opportunities every year for excitement and possibility.

 Each day, MRP as a company strives to dig deeper, be more flexible and responsive and make better things happen for the people around us. Our goal is to go the extra degree for your plastic closures! Let us help you with your next packaging project. We want to go the extra mile and make your packaging experience the best you ever had!

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Take today, 2/12, to the extra degree. Whether it is at work, home or with your family, do something extra that you wouldn't normally do.



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Cheers to the New Year from Mold-Rite Plastics

Posted by Amanda Thomas on Thu, Dec 31, 2015 @ 10:30 AM


We hope everyone has a safe and joyous New Year, MRP style.


It's time to start thinking about refreshing your packaging design for the New Year!

Get a head start in 2016 and download our catalog below:

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Guest Blog: Creative Ways People Are Repurposing Plastic Packaging

Posted by Amanda Thomas on Tue, Nov 24, 2015 @ 02:30 PM

Our guest blogger, Anna Evans, gives insights and tips on how you can be creative with your old plastic packaging.  

With so much emphasis placed on sustainable packaging and recycling, consumers are trying to find new ways to keep plastic containers out of landfills. Today’s guest blogger, Anna Evans, gives us a new, creative spin on DIY projects that anyone can do at home.  

Guest_Blog_Evans.jpgSince first being widely introduced in the 19th century, plastics have become an increasingly indispensable part of our lives. The growth of the plastics industry over the last 30 years has been steady—consistently rising 2.4% annually.

With the increasing volume of production, efforts to create more sustainable packaging solutions and repurpose existing plastics have become a key focus for producers and consumers alike. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 33 million tons of plastic waste were generated in 2013 in the U.S. alone—nearly 13 percent of all municipal solid waste.

While recycling can limit this waste, processing the many different types of commercial plastic available can also prove costly. Alternately, repurposing plastic packaging for everyday use can not only be simpler, but can also save consumers money. Here are a few creative ideas for how to reuse plastic packaging.

Plastic Bottle Juicer                             

Cutting off the base of a two-liter plastic bottle results in a crafty (and inexpensive) take on a fruit juicer that is safe and easy to use. Make yourself fresh-squeezed orange juice or lemonade with this impromptu juicer and save yourself the money it would take to buy an expensive juicer, or even one of the cheap plastic models that would set you back a couple of bucks.

Turn Older Toilets into Low-flow

Take a narrow plastic water bottle, add a few heavier items to it (stones or sand will work) and fill the rest with water. Seal the bottle and place it in the water tank of your toilet, making sure it doesn’t interfere with the moving parts. This will reduce the amount of water used each time the toilet is flushed, saving money on water bills.

Use Pill Blister Packs as Box Cutters

Pill packets have a thin, sharp edge that can cut through packing tape easily—yet is still safer to handle than most knives and blades.

Turn Plastic Containers  into Pots for Seedlings

Small plastic food containers like yogurt cups and the bottom of gallon cartons are great forfostering seedlings. Just poke a few small holes in the carton to allow for drainage and fill them with soil and your seeds to get your garden started.

Mesh Produce Bag Scrubbers

Save money on cleaning supplies by turning the mesh plastic bags that are often used to contain produce like garlic or onions into a homemade dish scrubber. Cut off the metal tip, gather up the bag into a clump, and then tie it with twine to use to scrub stuck on food off dishes.

CD Case Desktop  Frame
Remember back in the 90s when CDs were all the rage? This once trendy musical format has now gone the way of the 8-track tape as digital downloads and streaming have taken over. So what to do with all those plastic jewel cases that once occupied your awesome zig-zag CD tower?

 Why not empty the paper labelling out (and recycle it of course), open the case and prop it open upside down so you can use it to store reminder notes, dinner recipes, or even family photos.

There are many other ways that plastic packaging can be repurposed for everyday use. All of these solutions lead to increased savings for consumers and a reduced impact on the environment by helping to keep plastic out of landfills.

With experience in the plastic container industry, Anna Evans, the Association Manager at CM Services, Inc., works with the National Association of Container Distributors (NACD) and the Ceramic Tile Distributors Association (CTDA). Mold-Rite is proud to be the 2015 NACD Supplier of the Year. According to their website, NACD is committed to the distribution of quality packaging components by establishing the market connection between manufacturers/producers and users incorporating the following values:

  • A belief that our system is the most economical, efficient and value-added method to achieve the preferred resource status.
  • A commitment to the development of knowledgeable, competitive sales organizations.
  • A pledge to maintain high moral and ethical behavior in our market place and in our community.
  • The promise of a financially sound Association that provides continuing education for its members, for producers, and for the industry to which it belongs.

To read Anna’s other blogs for NACD, click HERE.

Before you have something to repurpose or recycle, you need to choose the right closure for your package. Click HERE to learn about our 110mm Flapper, which uses 20% less material to reduce shipping weight and costs. 

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